The Power of Exhibitions

Selling in the 21st century is more about reaching the right people than reaching lots of people. For advertisers, quality of audience has become far more important than quantity.

Hence the value of exhibitions. As a sales and marketing medium, they don’t so much compete with television, radio, press and direct mail as offer advantage that the others cannot – namely to get your message across to a tightly defined audience. At an exhibition you can:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Close sales
  • Enhance existing customer relationships
  • Solicit new distribution channels
  • Penetrate a new market or industry
  • Introduce or test a new product or product features
  • Develop product awareness
  • Demonstrate a technically complex product
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Outshine the competition
  • Increase market share
  • Establish staff expertise in the industry
  • Gain media coverage and exposure
  • Gain competitor and market knowledge

Not just lots of people….but the right people

It’s vital to target your audience precisely. That’s just what press and television advertising can only claim to do. Most readers or viewers are not interested, so a large part of your expenditure is wasted. Exhibitions, on the other hand, deliver just the audience you want, not the one you don’t.

With its industry expertise and huge database of contacts — offices in 73 countries worldwide — Hannover Fairs Australia can invite a narrowly targeted audience. All those you meet are likely to be genuine sales contacts.

Face to face with your customers
In selling products or making deals, there’s no substitute for face-to-face contact. Exhibitions deliver your prospects in person, making possible the all-important handshake. The CeBIT trade fair in Hannover in 2014, saw 5 days of hard bargaining and 25 billion euros worth of completed deals with a total of more than 210,000 attendees.

A motivated audience
A survey of CeBIT Australia 2014 visitors shows that 75% of exhibition visitors have buying influence within their companies These are people who have set aside other priorities to be there: those who are serious about doing business and are keen to buy. 92% of CeBIT 2014 attendees were IT professionals.

Where the giants meet
Most of the world’s largest, most successful corporations regard exhibitions as a crucial part of their sales and marketing program. At any major show, visitors know that the biggest names in the industry will be there.

Public relations — the perfect stage
Being at an exhibition with your best sales staff and your most important customers provides a unique opportunity to make a splash, launch something new or entertain prospects you’ve always wanted to meet. It’s the perfect platform to say to your industry, “look what we’re up to: see how well we’re doing”.

A doorway to new markets
If you’re testing a new product or entering a new market, exhibitions are perfect for putting a toe in the water. You can meet the key international buyers for a fraction of the cost of using other media and the feedback is immediate and direct.

All the prospects you can handle
It is not unusual for exhibitions to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors in the space of a few days. Vendors can make more contacts in a matter of hours than they could in a year of calling on prospects individually. Deutsche Messe’s CeBIT events alone attract a total of nearly one million trade visitors a year.

Media coverage made easy
A good exhibition guarantees the interest of press and television. There is an opportunity to attract the kind of media coverage that otherwise could be prohibitively expensive to achieve. The CeBIT event in Hannover attracted over 3,700 journalists and all enjoyed a warm welcome and outstanding facilities provided by Deutsche Messe.

Success through partnership
Press and television are passive media — you create your message and they can only disseminate it. An exhibition, on the other hand, involves constant interaction between client and organiser. The best exhibition operators should also be your business partners. Deutsche Messe is an expert in the sectors it serves. It knows how each industry works; how the market is developing; how companies within the sector can best reach their target audience.

All the fun of the fair
Although exhibitions are about serious buying and selling, most are a lot of fun as well. Exhibitors and visitors alike see them as a chance to meet colleagues, renew contacts and enjoy the spectacle.